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We live in an extremely fast-paced world that often makes our lives even more complicated than they already were. “No rush” is dead, we are now in a constant whirlwind of action, deadlines and stress. This is reflected in everything we do, but mostly in the way we want to be serviced as customers. You have at one point or another taken advantage of express dry cleaning, express mail, express repair, you name it. You expect to get express anything because life doesn’t stop. Since you’re looking for a reliable vehicle shipper, what we are here to tell you is that, yes, you can get express auto transport with us. We live in the real world too! Let’s talk a little bit about context. There are different reasons why you need a car moved ASAP and why the industry’s average pickup and delivery time frames might not be good enough in your situation.


A dismal but common scenario is that you trusted someone to organize your shipment for you and they couldn’t. Maybe they didn’t have a big enough fleet of trucking companies and overpromised so they could win your business or maybe it was just that they weren’t skilled enough. In either case you needed thecar moved and it’s still where it was. Matters get worse if you’re leaving town andthere is no one to take care of this for you and meet the driver. If this is what you’re currently going through, don’t worry. We deal with issues like yours on a daily basis and the representative assigned to your order will work out a plan tailored to your specific needs.


Sometimes you might be flexible on the pickup time of your vehicle but you absolutely won’t settle for a delivery time prior to or past a specific date. Maybe there will be no one to accept the vehicle on your behalf. Or maybe it’s a gift for a very special someone and the vehicle arriving even a day earlier or laterwill ruin the surprise that took weeks to plan. Even though locked-in delivery is generally harder to arrange due to many factors beyond anyone’s control during transit, we can make it happen.


It will probably not come as a surprise to anyone that expedited car shipping does come with an extra cost. The additional amount will vary depending on distance, the type of the vehicle, weather, the popularity of the pickup and drop-off locations, etc. However, on average you can expect about a 30% increase, which in most cases is roughly $200-$300. The reason for this cost is that our representatives and the driver responsible for your shipment will have to put in a lot of extra effort. Your shipment will be prioritized over other customers’—some of them might be delayed or dropped altogether. Also, there could be extra driving and some additional fuel costs. Keep in mind that some locations not characterized by great accessibility might not allow us to expedite your car’s move. Make sure to inquire about that when talking to our representatives. Note: If for whatever reason we don’t arrange the pickup or delivery we promised, you will be getting the extra amount refunded.


When you are interested in fast car transport and more precisely, in a speedy pickup, you need to be aware what is the best deal you can get. That being said, it’s a good idea to have realistic expectations. If you are interested in a same-daypickup, you need to know that when it happens it’s more the result of incredible luck on the part of the customer than anything else. The industry’s standard is between 5 and 7 business days. Express auto shipping can significantly reduce the wait and your vehicle could be picked up in in 1-2 business days. Another important factor to consider is that weekend pickups are harder to arrange because many of the drivers are off. Also, if you are moving a high-end or classic car, make sure to request an enclosed trailer. We do offer guaranteed pickup and delivery with enclosed trucks even though there are not as many of them as opentrailers.

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