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With Over 200k Carriers Available

SGT Auto Transport is easily one of the more qualified brokers in the nation to handle your shipment.

We’ll Do It For You

SGT Auto Transport has been in business since June 2014. We are a family run company whose focus is on customer satisfaction. SGT Auto Transport started to expand in late 2018 and has grown rapidly, with dedicated customer support staff and a friendly dispatch department that has generated many satisfied customers.

Our Approach

What sets SGT Auto Transport apart from the competition? It’s quite simple actually. We treat every customer as family and every vehicle as if it were one of our own.

SGTAuto Transport was great to work with. Stefano was really good at keeping me in the loop on scheduling. I would definitely use them again. Thanks!
Clint D.

I have been shipping my auction cars with SGT Auto Transport for some time now ever since i found them on uship and i must say they offer exceptional service. Stefano has been excellent and i would recommend them to anyone.
Michael Hutchinson

SGT was great. Their bid was competitive and appropriate. The driver was polite and professional Everyone in the office was very helpful and responsive. They delivered what they promised. I would definitely use them again.
P. Dagrosa

Picked up on time dropped off a little early but overall very good business transaction and payment easy. Thank you
Kianna C.

Open Transport

Open transport means that your vehicle will be outdoors, on an open trailer, during transport and will be exposed to the elements. This is the most common and economical way to ship your vehicle.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed Transport stores your vehicle with the most protection available, away from outside forces and weather. Other trailer types will be cheaper, but sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best one. Transporting your vehicle using enclosed car transport saves your vehicle from all the things it may encounter on the road, such as dirt, debris, salt, moisture and weather.

Enclosed transport is ideal for classic cars, vintage cars, expensive sports cars, model cars, and race-cars. Moving high value vehicles requires special work to secure and protect them during the shipping process.